Is Anne Marie My Secret Girlfriend?

5 феб 2021
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  • That bottle of whiskey in the back though lmao

    Damien NepomucenoDamien NepomucenoПре 21 сат
  • 12:08 simon is having fun down there

    kamilgrakamilgraПре 22 сата
  • 12:21 babatunde vs vibe gorilla

    CloveRCloveRПре 23 сата
  • My Best Friends Women Tahzeem Zahra. Haider .

    Takkan SaadaTakkan SaadaПре дан
    • My Brother Waseem .m. Haider my best friends Ksi and happy LoL funny .

      Takkan SaadaTakkan SaadaПре дан
  • Ksi my girlfriend Anne women .? LoL Funny 😁😁😀😂😂😂😂😂yes looks love t.v. RSworld video . Computer . 😂😂😂😂☝👆✌👏💪💓

    Takkan SaadaTakkan SaadaПре дан
  • 4:49 she let out a elk call

    Dereck LomasDereck LomasПре дан

    aurxra_aurxra_Пре дан
  • lmao the twerking scene lowkey made me laugh

    marley mmarley mПре дан
  • 12:05 was fakinhell

    Kvle TvKvle TvПре 2 дана
  • What's that back stage music guys?

    mehemmed huseynlimehemmed huseynliПре 2 дана
  • was watching this and got an add for being a lord smh

    TheFuzGamerTheFuzGamerПре 2 дана
  • 2 laughing KSI's are more funnier 😆🤣🤣

    Soham NaikSoham NaikПре 3 дана
  • Cringe at 3:48 XD XD

    Josie 0139Josie 0139Пре 3 дана
  • So you're the killer???!!! The killer: 2:19

    Pig_The_TrashPig_The_TrashПре 3 дана
  • 12:52 when JJ stops himself from getting cancelled

    Coolest man on the planet WooCoolest man on the planet WooПре 3 дана
  • Time of death: 11:57 Cause: lack of ideas

    StrykerStrykerПре 3 дана
  • 0:56 when you realise it's Adam Saleh

    Werner DesouzaWerner DesouzaПре 4 дана
  • Anne marie can't be your don't again keep your video title like this baaakaaaa

    Numki RomeNumki RomeПре 4 дана
  • 12:09 bro secretly took drugs before this💀

    Wesmellyboisplayzyt -ROBLOXWesmellyboisplayzyt -ROBLOXПре 4 дана
  • 3:42 I love how he looks away because she was turning around so slick

    Umar NoorUmar NoorПре 4 дана
    • Remember jjs girlfriend watches this he doesn't wanna get into trouble

      Anime LoverAnime LoverПре 4 сата
  • 12:12 when the set 8 class sing Dont play

    SynthSynthПре 4 дана
  • Morpheus kinda thicc

    RigbyRigbyПре 4 дана
  • i love you JJ but like are you good? 12:59

    Tristan ChowdhuryTristan ChowdhuryПре 4 дана
  • : nobody : KSI is it cause I called you fat : NEO fat neek

    Nafisa AdanNafisa AdanПре 5 дана
  • Best parts 2:12 10:57 - 11:17

    Red BirdRed BirdПре 5 дана
  • 6:58 full volume Jesus christ

    Evan GranthamEvan GranthamПре 5 дана
  • You can definitely tell which ones the favorite 😂

    Fat SquirrelFat SquirrelПре 5 дана
  • you saying that you have druds

    janis briedisjanis briedisПре 5 дана
  • 12:20 Me when a kid fall in you cage

    aditya karkateaditya karkateПре 5 дана
  • w

    jacy beatzjacy beatzПре 6 дана
  • 7:07 look at him struggling bcs he's out of breath

    ArshhhArshhhПре 6 дана
  • GaySI: "Is AnNe MaRiE mY sEcReT gIrLfRiEnD?" Me: "Nah fam, she thinks you're a fucking nonce and she hates you." 😒🤣🙄😂💀😑

    Philip ElrickPhilip ElrickПре 6 дана
    • No she doesn't

      Aditya SinghAditya SinghПре 6 дана
  • KSI got Neo questioning and stressing about whole body shape 😂😂😂

    أحمد Ahmad لاأحمد Ahmad لاПре 6 дана
  • spinebuster

    Anne LokidorAnne LokidorПре 6 дана
  • “Mans running like Ethan, When he was fat anyway!” Neo gave him a look 😂

    Leah xLeah xПре 7 дана
  • 8:29 JJ knows deep down that something can happen... that's why he's so nervous laughing lol

    sc0rpi0sc0rpi0Пре 7 дана
  • 13:33

    Magnetic FnmMagnetic FnmПре 7 дана
  • 13:05

    Magnetic FnmMagnetic FnmПре 7 дана
  • 11:29 lmaoooo

    Magnetic FnmMagnetic FnmПре 7 дана
  • i like how there is a bottle of jack daniels in the back on his nightstand

    jkd_ Lucasjkd_ LucasПре 7 дана
  • Poor Neo getting judged and called fat 😂😂

    Jannah MahiahJannah MahiahПре 7 дана
  • I cant be the only one who noticed the bottle of whiskey on his nightstand

    Tyler TuttleTyler TuttleПре 7 дана
  • 12:15. What was JJ doing? 1 like= 1 prayer for JJ.

    Shayaan sShayaan sПре 7 дана
  • No she didnt powerbomb him , she spinebuster'd him

    Luka BokhuaLuka BokhuaПре 7 дана
  • Why does jj need the sdmn updates

    Mark SturgeonMark SturgeonПре 7 дана
  • Can see a bottle of JD behind!

    Capson FernandesCapson FernandesПре 8 дана
  • Lmao

    Teddybear 56BTeddybear 56BПре 8 дана
  • The Eminem joke was solid😂😂

    Courtney LewisCourtney LewisПре 8 дана
  • That spit was like. “don’t mind me, just passing by”

    Courtney LewisCourtney LewisПре 8 дана
  • all my homies love boldski

    hextrhextrПре 8 дана
  • 2:23 when holy spirit hits u in the middle of recording a setion

    JOKERJOKERПре 8 дана
  • There’s alcohol next to his bed in the left side….something is going on…….

    Mir Erkin Aydoğdu MirPlaysMir Erkin Aydoğdu MirPlaysПре 9 дана
  • Jj: says something bad or sus and illegal. Also Jj: NOOOO GUYS LEGIT IM KIDDING

    Mir Erkin Aydoğdu MirPlaysMir Erkin Aydoğdu MirPlaysПре 9 дана
  • Jj there was another one slide show when you looked on the sidemen drawings

    Mir Erkin Aydoğdu MirPlaysMir Erkin Aydoğdu MirPlaysПре 9 дана
  • Pls someone do the meme at 5:32 except with this 13:00 xD Edit: Or use this LMFAO 12:10 Also give me the credits pls lol

    HussLegendsHussLegendsПре 9 дана

    IceeIceeПре 9 дана
  • 3:05 3:27 3:43 6:04

    Nayem RahmanNayem RahmanПре 9 дана
  • .

    SajnzFNSajnzFNПре 9 дана
  • I like your hamsters 🐹

    Noob MasterNoob MasterПре 10 дана
  • that jack daniels right next to jj's bed😭😭

    OlothandolwethuOlothandolwethuПре 10 дана
  • Still having fun . Drug diller

    Jermel DixonJermel DixonПре 10 дана
  • 3:48 old ksi reaction woulda been different she was leng 🔥

    Givench333Givench333Пре 10 дана
  • He wants to be you

    Wendy SandifordWendy SandifordПре 11 дана
  • 7:00 my ears omg

    Emanuel EmilioEmanuel EmilioПре 11 дана
  • She doesn't watch his videos be she doesn't exist 🤐

    Snowii TTVSnowii TTVПре 11 дана
  • 7:13 Normous

    Joshua BoryerJoshua BoryerПре 11 дана
  • I;m just going to say that umm 13:03 the subtitles say *inaudible*

    DJ McRaeDJ McRaeПре 11 дана
  • Its good to laugh

    Patrick.141Patrick.141Пре 11 дана

    AmarAmarПре 12 дана
  • He said he’s probably already seen the Reddit meme if it’s got 8000 upvotes The person with 7999upvotes 😔😢

    Michael SimpsonMichael SimpsonПре 12 дана
  • 9:30 his hamster just running

    Alberto Monroy gamesAlberto Monroy gamesПре 13 дана

    I_is_JoJoI_is_JoJoПре 13 дана
  • Nice beard bro 2:20 please just shave it

    RolyRolyПре 13 дана
  • JJ enjoying he's own song for 1 min straight

    Kaniz FatemaKaniz FatemaПре 13 дана
  • 12:22 That is some aggresive jerking you got there

    The KingThe KingПре 13 дана
  • This is the time that JJ's girlfriend starts to watch his vids

    RockzzMusic YTRockzzMusic YTПре 13 дана
  • 0:09 his saliva be poppin off too lmao

    CedieCedieПре 14 дана
  • how to die of laughter pt 1 go at 6:23 pt 2 11:51 pt 3 11:14

    Ilie Alexandru StefanIlie Alexandru StefanПре 14 дана
  • me casually eating an apple i choked thx ksi i had to sit in a hspital bed for 3 days

    Ilie Alexandru StefanIlie Alexandru StefanПре 14 дана
  • 3:20 Yo she's bad mad respect for jj lookin away when she turned around cant say the same for myself tho lmao

    Son GohanSon GohanПре 15 дана
  • My ears 5:39

    Mercy TeeqMercy TeeqПре 15 дана
  • they just called JJ a brown otta

    TheRangerTheRangerПре 15 дана
  • I'm actually laughing lmao.

    TheRangerTheRangerПре 15 дана
  • 12:08 *caption this*

    KylotpKylotpПре 16 дана
  • fucking love these videos, always makes me crack up

    Ogge WiggenOgge WiggenПре 16 дана
  • JJ: Neo been getting fat, fam Neo: Imma end this man's ego

    Shashwat RathoreShashwat RathoreПре 17 дана
  • neo is actually so adorable aw

    Musical UnicornMusical UnicornПре 17 дана
  • babatunde

    Reuben ColacoReuben ColacoПре 17 дана
  • The way JJ laughed while he spammed that post was mint.

    Vector CareVector CareПре 17 дана
  • Thank u ❤❤ kis 😂 Ksi*

    MR. LazyOPMR. LazyOPПре 18 дана
  • 9:57

    Albin Wicksell JonssonAlbin Wicksell JonssonПре 18 дана
  • YO YO YO IS THAT Jackdaniels ?

    Viktor VasiljevicViktor VasiljevicПре 19 дана
  • I have to turn my volume down every time I watch ksi

    Brownie RecordingsBrownie RecordingsПре 20 дана
  • Uhave a gf😭😭?!

    Boo xxBoo xxПре 20 дана
  • "Mans moving like ethan, when he was fat anyways" Neo: Stops and stares

    Bella ThroneBella ThroneПре 21 дан
  • 0:08 stop spiting on us

    Pumpkin 30Pumpkin 30Пре 21 дан
  • Animal abuse

    funnanafunnanaПре 21 дан
  • . .

    Rattray b b be bn BRattray b b be bn BПре 22 дана
  • Eesswswwe

    Rattray b b be bn BRattray b b be bn BПре 22 дана
  • Can we just respect the fact that during the showing of the baldski outfit, when the women turned around. He looked directly at the camera

    Sp3ct3rs Hunt3rsSp3ct3rs Hunt3rsПре 22 дана